Importation and exportation of animals

Information on importation and exportation of animals.

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Importation:  the following three documents are required:

  1. A Health Certificate to show the animal is in good health.
  2. A Vaccination Card to show the animal has taken all the vaccinations required and especially for rabies.
  3. An import permit that you can get from the Kenya Veterinary Association (Tel. N° 3003403) or from the Kenyan embassy from wherever you are coming from.


  1. The same documents as above are needed except for an Export permit.
  2. If you are exporting to the European countries, you need to have a microchip for the purpose of identifying the animal.
  3. Other European countries require you to have a rabies test before exportation.

For more information you can contact Dr. Ghalay on Tel. N° 3751102 or Fax N° 3750504.