Submitting your visa application in Kenya?

Where do you submit your visa application?

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Short stay and long stay visa applicants for Belgium within its jurisdiction are invited for their visa using the services of TLS in NairobiSpecific rules apply to applicants from the Comoros, the Seychelles and scholarship students from Madagascar.

Before you can contact TLS you need to complete your online visa application form on VisaOnWeb.

Remember to write down your VOW reference number as you need this to make an appointment with TLS.

For all informations regarding your visa application, appointments to lodge your application and biometrics, lists of required documents, visa- and servicefees, etc. please consult the dedicated TLS website. 

Adress and contact
TLS - Belgium Visa Application Center,
Unit 2, 1st floor, 9 West,
Ring Road Parklands,Westlands,
Nairobi, Kenya,
TLS contact center.
+254 730 979 900 - available from Monday to Friday, 08:30-16:30

Please have your TLS contact reference number or passport number ready prior to speaking with one of our representatives. This can be found on your apppointment booking confirmation.  

The visa application fee is to be paid to/via TLS, except for visa long stay administrative fees of the immigration office DVZ/OdE.


Three categories of travelers may exceptionally apply for a visa at the Embassy of Belgium, Limuru Road, Muthaiga, Nairobi, Kenya, only by online appointment:

  • Diplomats (diplomatic or service passport) on official travel (with verbal note). For private travel diplomats and their family members need to apply at TLS.
  • Only for short stays (Schengen visa): family members of Belgians who are registered at the Embassy of Belgium in Nairobi. Only the following family members are eligible: spouses, children and grandchildren of the Belgian and/or his spouse who are younger than 21 or who are financially dependent, financially dependent parents and grandparents of the Belgian or the spouse. Dependence means that a substantial part of their needs in Kenya is covered by the Belgian and/or spouse. This must be demonstrated with supporting documents (eg bank statements) from the last 6 months. More information about the documents that must be submitted with a visa application can be found below.
  • Family members of EU citizens (Directive 2004/38/EC - i.e. the person to be joined in Belgium has a European nationality other than Belgian). It concerns: family members of an EU Citizen, a citizen of the European Economic Area ( = EU + Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway), a Swiss citizen or of a Belgian citizen returning to Belgium after more than 3 months of legal residence in another EU-member state and the family members of a citizen of the EU who, themselves, are not EU citizen. More information on this topic and on the documents that need to be presented as part of a visa application can be found below. The beneficiaries of this directive must submit a visa C application, even if they intend to stay in Belgium for a long time.

Travellers allowed to apply for a visa directly at the Belgian Embassy are requested to use this application form for Schengenvisa (short stay) and this application form for long stay visa (not for Directive 2004/38 beneficiaries).