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COVID-19 / Temporary travel restrictions to all non-essential travel from third countries to the EU

The temporary travel restriction shall be applied to all non-essential travel from third countries to the EU.

In case there are travelers with an essential function or need,  they can contact the Visa Applicaton Center TLS in Nairobi: https://be.tlscontact.com/ke/nbo/page.php?pid=404#Visa%C2%A0%20fees

List of allowed travelers : https://dofi.ibz.be/en/themes/covid-19 (website under construction)


Information on the GDPR

General Data Protection Regulation. Information to be provided to applicants concerning the processing of personal data in the Visa Information System (VIS) provided upon short stay visa applications

Privacy statement. Processing of personal data in the context of a visa application


Important notice

As of 2 February 2020, new rules will be in force if you apply for a Schengen visa. The changes in the rules for the Schengen visa are a consequence of new EU legislation.

The most important changes per 2 February 2020 are:

Extension of application period 
You can apply for your Schengen visa as of 6 months before your planned travel date (this was 3 months). For seafarers this will be 9 months.

Increased visa fees 

Visa type

Old fees in EUR

New fees in EUR

Schengen visa



Schengen visa child 6-12 years



Schengen visa child 0-6 years

Free of charge

Free of charge

Multiple entry Schengen visas for regular travelers

Do you regularly travel to Belgium / Schengen area? Then you may qualify for a multiple-entry visa with a longer period of validity. You must however, meet a number of conditions:

  • multiple-entry visa for 1 year: if you have received a Schengen visa* 3 times in the past 2 years and used it correctly;
  • multiple-entry visa for 2 years: if you have received a multiple-entry visa for 1 year in the past 2 years and used it correctly;
  • multiple-entry visa for 5 years: if you have received a multiple-entry visa for 2 years in the past 3 years and used it correctly.

You cannot derive any rights from the above. It is always up to the issuing authority whether or not to issue a multiple-entry visa with a longer period of validity.

Applying at a Visa Application Center of an External Service Provider (ESP)

In countries where Belgium uses the services of an ESP, such as VFS Global or TLS Contact, you must submit your visa application at the ESP.

Biometrics / applying in person for Schengen visa applications

Did you provide biometric data (fingerprints and photo) within the last 59 months prior to your current application? Then you can choose to have someone else submit your application for you. You do not have to appear in person.

Attention: If, during the assessment of your application, it appears that your fingerprints are not in the system, you will have to come and submit them. Also, you can always be invited for an interview if your application gives reason to do so.

* * * * *

According to Article 12 (a) of the Regulation (EC) No. 810/2009, commonly known as “Visa Code”, the validity of a travel document shall extend at least three months after the intended date of departure from the territory of the Schengen Member States.

According to an official notification from the Kenyan authorities issued to all diplomatic missions, all Kenyan passports – except the new East African Community biometric e-Passport – will be rendered invalid from 1st of March 2020.

The Schengen Member States therefore wish to inform the Kenyan public that from 1st of December 2019 ONLY the new East African Community biometric e-Passport can be accepted for Schengen visa applications.


Official (diplomatic or service) passport holders

Holders of an official passport (Diplomatic or Service Passport) who apply for a visa for an official visit to Belgium, can submit their application directly to the Embassy of Belgium (Limuru Road, Muthaiga, Nairobi). An appointment is required and can be made via nairobi.visa@diplobel.fed.be.



- Visa application form, completed, dated and signed, with 1 passport size photo.

- Original Note Verbale issued by your Ministry

- Original official passport. If required, the passport can be retained by the applicant once the application process has started and a copy will be added to the file.

- An invitation from Belgium (preferred)

Visa applications for other type of visits have to be made through the outsourcing centre TLS.


Family Members of EU Citizens (Directive 2004/38/EC)

Since 02/02/20 and according to art.17.5 of the New visa code, spouses and children of EU citizens as understood in directive 2004/38/EC, can submit their visa application directly to the Embassy of Belgium(Limuru Road, Muthaiga, Nairobi).

It concerns: family members of a EU Citizen, a citizen of the European Economic Area ( = EU + Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway), a Swiss citizen or of a non-resident Belgian citizen and the family members of a citizen of the EU who, themselves, are not EU citizen.

For an appointment for this service please write to nairobi.visa@diplobel.fed.be.

Given  the limited number of appointment slots, an appointment before your date of travel cannot be guaranteed. It is therefore recommended to use the facilities of the Outsourcing Centre TLS https://be.tlscontact.com/ke/nbo/ (link is external) to submit your application.


Somali Family reunion visa applications

As of 1st January 2019, all Somali visa applicants residing in Uganda, Ethiopia and Kenya, wishing to apply for family reunion with a family member (a refugee or a person with subsidiary protection in Belgium) will have to submit their visa applications in Nairobi (Kenya). This is irrespective of your own personal status (refugee, resident, etc) in Uganda or Ethiopia. The procedure is the same as if you live in Kenya or Somalia (see below).


If you live in Kenya or Somalia

If you reside in Kenya or Somalia, all SHORT and LONG stay visa applications and appointment requests MUST be made through the TLS visa application centre in Nairobi:

TLS - Belgian Visa Application Centre

https://be.tlscontact.com/ke/nbo/ (link is external)

Belgium Visa Application Centre
Unit 2, 1st floor, 9 West
Ring Road Parklands
Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya

All Belgian diplomatic and consular posts require fingerprints (10 fingers) as well as a digital photo of all visa applicants from the age of 6, for short stay visa applications.
For long stay visa applications, the fingerprints and a digital photo of applicants living in Kenya or travelling with a Laissez-Passer issued by the Belgian Embassy will be taken at the TLS Visa Application Centre.

The holders of a diplomatic or service passport who are posted to a diplomatic or consular mission in Belgium or at an International organization that has its HQ or a representation in Belgium, are exempted of the biometric information requirements for LONG stay visa; the same applies for their family (spouse and dependent children).


If you live in Madagascar, the Comoros, Eritrea or the Seychelles

If you live in Madagascar or the Comores you should contact the French Embassy in Antananarivo or Moroni, who is representing Belgium, for a SHORT stay visa: https://mg.ambafrance.org/ of https://km.ambafrance.org/).

If you live in Eritrea, you should contact the Embassy of Italy in Asmara, who is representing Belgium (https://www.ambassades.net/Ambassade/7200/Italie-a-Asmara) for a SHORT stay visa.

Nationals of the Seychelles do not need a SHORT stay visa. All other nationals who do need a visa for Belgium and who live in the Seychelles, are requested to contact the Embassy of France in Port Louis, Mauritius, which represents Belgium for SHORT stay visas (https://sc.ambafrance.org/Applying-for-a-French-visa-in-Seychelles), or can apply through the Belgian Visa Application Centre TLS in Nairobi (see below).

All LONG stay visa applications can be sent directly to the Belgian Embassy in Nairobi by a recognized espress courier service (e.g. DHL) with a prepaid return envelope (adress: Embassy of Belgium, attn. Visa Section, Limuru Road, Muthaiga, Nairobi, Kenya) or introduced personally at the TLS Visa Application Centre in Nairobi. The Embassy may request the applicant to come personally to the Embassy at a later stage for an interview if required. Please note that for a long stay visa two complete application files are needed. The list of necessary documents can be found on https://be.tlscontact.com/ke/nbo/page.php?pid=travel_purpose.

TLS - Belgian Visa Application Centre

https://be.tlscontact.com/ke/nbo/ (link is external)

Belgium Visa Application Centre
Unit 2, 1st floor, 9 West
Ring Road Parklands
Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya


* * * * *

Visa fees

Click here https://kenya.diplomatie.belgium.be/en/consular-services/consular-fees