Information about the Belgian passport.

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A passport is an official, worldwide recognized and usable travel document in the format of a booklet issued by the relevant authority in a particular State to its nationals.

One must make a distinction between a passport and an identity card which, as its name implies, is just a single card.

Belgian passports are valid 7 years (5 years for minors).

Any Belgian citizen can be issued his or her own passport starting at birth.

It is possible to travel to around 50 countries using an identity card, but a passport allows its holder to travel to any country in the world, subject to fulfilling any applicable visa requirements.

Read more about the Belgian passport on the FPS Foreign Affairs.

How do you apply for a passport in Kenya?

Belgians registred at the Embassy of Belgium in Nairobi can apply for a passport. To do so, it is necessary to keep your personal file updated at all times.

Please fill in the application form as accurately as possible.  

You must hand over your application together with the proof of payment personally at the Embassy during the opening hours. Children under the age of six do not have to be present during the application at the Embassy. The application, a proof of payment and two passport pictures have to be presented.