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Bank details


The visa fee is collected on behalf of the Consular Authority and the service fee is collected for the processing of your visa application at TLScontact.


FPS Interior, Aliens Office
Chaussée d'Anvers 59B, 1000 Brussels (Belgium)
IBAN: BE57 6792 0060 9235
Communication: Name First Name Nationality DDMMYYYY

Embassy of Belgium in Nairobi 

Consult our consular fees.
Reference bank transfer: Name, surname, visa application 

Licensed doctors

Kenya: Dr Irum Beg Mirza: Mirmed Healthcare, Warwick Centre, Gigiri, Nairobi, Kenia, phone for appointments: +254(0)207120558.

Madagascar, Seychelles, Comoros: consulat our section Visa documents.

Processing time of a visa application for studies

It is recommended that the student applies for a visa as soon as possible and ideally before Friday 29 July 2022.

As the deadline for enrolment in all higher education institutions is 31 October, a complete visa application should therefore be submitted ideally before 29 July 2022.

Given the large volume of visa applications to be processed in a short period of time, the Immigration Office cannot guarantee that a decision will be made on a date that will allow the student applicant who has submitted his or her visa application after 29 July 2022, to travel to Belgium and enrol in a higher education institution before the weekend of 29 & 30 October 2022.

What to do in case your visa has been refused?

In case of refusal the applicant will be notified in written about the reasons for this refusal.

The refusal letter will be written in Dutch, French or German, depending on the preference given at the time of application.

As the refusal decision has not been taken by the Embassy or Consulate General but by the Belgian immigration authorities, the Embassy or Consulate General is not competent to comment on this refusal by any means (at the counter, by telephone or in writing).

The applicant can decide to lodge an appeal with the Belgian judicial authorities, as explained in the refusal notice or apply again for a visa with the Embassy or Consulate General.

After arrival in Belgium/Schengen Area

The Embassy/Consulate General is not competent to handle immigration matters after you have arrived in Belgium. In case you want to extend your visa, replace a lost visa or change the type of visa, you need to contact the Belgian immigration authorities.


Who is a beneficiary of the Withdrawal Agreement and who is not?

How does this affect family members of a UK national who need a Schengen visa?

Please find the answers to your questions on the website of the FPS Foreign Affairs.